Who we are!
Menton Harbor was originally founded in 1999 as a small advertising and public relations agency, with the idea of helping small businesses. The idea was to establish relationships and a collaboration of several self employed creative people, along with other small businesses joining together to create a powerful creative agency to help others succeed. Our founder was originally starting a separate agency with another partner; however, that agency never formed. Determined to start an agency that he believed could really be different he pressed on alone but now needed a new business name that was not a combination of those involved. A poster of Menton Harbor France hung in his office and was a comforting image that he often gazed upon imagining how beautiful it would be to someday actually travel there. Loving both the image and the name, this poster became the inspiration for his new agency, Menton Harbor. Since 1999, the idea of partnerships and relationships became a reality with the formation of Menton Harbor Creative Group. Today our group has grown and evolved into a niche group that still helps small businesses. With this mix of creative individuals and diverse backgrounds, we can offer our expertise in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations to fit your needs at any level.